Clover Wonder Knitter


Wonder Knitter from Clover

Clover Wonder Knitter

This is a wonderful little gadget but I warn you that it is highly addictive! It helps you knit up I-cord very quickly: you don't need to use the slow 3-needle approach. It is lots of fun. Did I mention, highly addictive?

The pack comes with instructions but I found them less than adequate. It took me multiple reads, multiple tries, and pure guesswork to figure out how to (e.g. the cast off). Clover products are always excellent. I have been a fan of theirs since I was 11 but in this instance, I hope that the following instructions will be of use to you if you should get to own one of these fab Wonder Knitters.

How to Start

how to use Wonder Knitter how to use Wonder Knitter how to use Wonder Knitterhow to use Wonder Knitter
1) Feed the yarn through the WK, from the top.
Hold the yarn end at the bottom with your fingers as shown, for the first few rounds so that it has more stability.
2) Wrap the yarn clockwise around each pin. Work the pins in a clockwise sequence. 3) When all the pins are done, set the working end of yarn into the yarn guide.
I found that as I work, if I then further wrap the yarn once around the inner (higher) part of the yarn holder, it holds it better and gives me an even tension.

How to Knit

how to use Wonder Knitter how to use Wonder Knitter how to use Wonder Knitter
1) Position the yarn (from the holder) above the first stitch to be worked (in blue).

As you work, you will be turning the pin wheel clockwise.
I have high-lighted the yarn to be worked in blue.
2) Push the knitting hook, in a top-to-bottom direction, into the lower (blue) stitch on the pin. Pull yarn away from the pin (and towards you.) 3) With the hook, bring that stitch up and over the pin.

4) Turn the pin clockwise and work the next pin in the same way. Continue knitting in this fashion.
It helps to occasionally pull the yarn (emerging through the bottom) downwards.

How to End

how to use Wonder Knitter how to use Wonder Knitter how to use Wonder Knitter how to use Wonder Knitter
1) Cut the yarn - about a 6" tail. 2) Hook the knitting hook through the bottom stitch, pushing the hook from bottom to top. 3) Rotate the hook to catch the upper yarn. Pull the entire upper yarn (tail) through the lower stitch.

Rotate wheel and work each pin in the [1], [2], [3] order as shown.
4) Lift the knitting off the pins. Pull the yarn tail to tighten and end.
Clover Wonder Knitter


yay! Thank you for the well needed and great instructions

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