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Woven Earring and Pendants from Sooz


woven earrings

Tutorial contributed by Sue (or Sooz as she is known on Australia's Beading Forum). This lady is vastly talented and versatile in her creativity. Here she shows how with the ingenuous use of embroidery threads and some wire, you can create some truly funky and delicious pieces of jewelry.

You can visit Sue at her site: Divajools

Apart from some minor rearrangement and spelling correction, this tutorial is presented as written by the author.

Finished Jewelry

woven earringswoven earringswoven pendantwoven pendant

Jewelry Making Steps

1) Cut a 14cm piece of 18 gauge wire
2). Shape 14cm length around a mandrel or similar to create nice oval shape - I used a seed bead container but you could use dowel etc.
3) Cross the wires over to form teardrop shape but do not fix yet - just bend to mark where they will join.
4) Coil enough 22g wire to make a 6 -7cm coil. I used the little rod on the Coiling Gizmo and about 80cms of wire
woven earring tutorial
5) Pull coil gently to spread so that it will be long enough to go over your (14cm) wire.
woven earring tutorial
6) Thread coil over wire and trim to fit. Squeeze the end of the coil nice and tightly around the wire where you made the bends.
woven earring tutorial
7) Wrap one side of straight wire over the other and trim, leaving one bit (about 1cm long) sticking straight up.
woven earring tutorial
8) Split the embroidery thread and use just a single strand. You will need about 4m of the first colour. Tie this tightly around the top of the teardrop. I find multiple knots are a good way to go!
woven earring tutorial
9) Take thread to halfway point at the bottom of the teardrop and loop between coils. woven earring tutorial
10) Take thread back up and place into the coil to the right of the first thread.
woven earring tutorial
11) Take thread down and place into the coil next to the one at the halfway point, moving in a clockwise direction.
12) Continue all the way to the top, take thread to the bottom half-way point and back to the top to finish. Tie off well.
woven earring tutorial
13) Start second colour by tying to the top and taking down to half-way point at the bottom of the teardrop.
(If you don't quite understand "taking down to half-way point ...", have a look at picture below for step 18 for further clarification).
woven earring tutorial
14) Decide where you want to start the next colour - take thread to that point and continue as for first colour.
woven earring tutorial
15) Tie off to finish.
woven earring tutorial
16) Start 3rd colour by tying at the top and taking thread to half-way point at bottom of teardrop. Weave third colour in the same manner as first two.
woven earring tutorial
17) Use some super glue to really fix the knots and then trim.
woven earring tutorial
18) This is what the back looks like! Those straight bits are the threads you have taken from the top to the bottom halfway point after tying at the top!
woven earring tutorial
19) Finish off with a bead cap or bead to hide thread and untidy wire work! Voila!
20) Repeat to make the other ear-ring.
woven earring tutorial


wow, these are beautiful. I am going to give them a try tommorrow. Thank you so much for the tutorial.


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