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Handmade Beaded Crosses

Large beaded crosses in capture-weave (CC54)

large beaded crosses

A bunch of large beaded crosses done in some kind of beading weave. (Am calling it "capture weave" for now till I learn otherwise.) Each (round) bead is beaded around and then joined together. Joints are further strengthened.

Here for the larger beads I have used wooden and faceted crystal beads. And the smaller beads are either tiny metal spacer beads (2mm) or seed beads (size 15).

The technique was from "Beads Style: Cool 2" (Japanese beading book) - published by Mook.

Need to use perfectly identically sized beads to produce a even border.
Click on thumbnails to view details.
large beaded crosses

A-D crosses. I have marked them from A-D in this group for easier identification.

large beaded crosses  
large beaded crosses Approximate sizing is about 7cm x 5cm large beaded crosses Beaded Silver cross with silver plated metal beads (2mm) and large round faceted crystal bead (about 12mm). The central bead is surrounded by red crystal pearls for contrast.
large beaded crosses   large beaded crosses The sides are made from clear crystals.
large beaded crosses   large beaded crosses Red Crystal surround with black seed beads (size 15) with round facet beads in Crystal AB.
large beaded crosses   large beaded crosses  
large beaded crosses   large beaded crosses Beaded Cross with red crystal bicone surrounds and topaz seed beads (sz 15). The large beads are wooden beads.
large beaded crosses The bail is beaded (ladder stitch) and is soft and flexible. large beaded crosses  
large beaded crosses I call this the Tudor Cross as someone kindly told me that it reminds her of the Tudor style. large beaded crosses Surround beads are red crystal pearls (4mm), small 2mm gold plated metal spacer beads. The large central beads are made from wood.
large beaded crosses The color in these shots are not very good - too much blue in them. The red beads actually look much redder and richer IRL. large beaded crosses The bail is done in 3-bead ladder stitch.


Totally Unique:All my designs are one-offs as often I cannot repeat the process because the ideas and the materials come together much of their own volition than of deliberate planning. So you can always be assured of detailed and unique creations.

Happy Thoughts: All ClearlyChosen Handmades are made with tons of love and happy thoughts with the belief that these will go into the world, secure in the safety and confidence of getting more of the same and being able to share that with its rightful owner.


If still available, most beads and jewelry making supplies used can be purchased from ClearlyChosen's Jewelry Supplies Store or just go directly to our Swarovski section.


Round neck length: 49 cm / 19 inch
Weight (nett): 85 g

If not sold, most of the time, my works can be found directly from us at ClearlyChosen Handmades or from:

Addendum - more crosses

This next cross is beaded in the same style but proved to be very troublesome indeed. Made with more expensive materials and solely Swarovski bicones (I wanted to see how much of a bling-difference it would make by using Swarovski).

I cannot honestly say that the Swarovski crystals in this design made too much of a difference - even visually testing it under different lighting conditions. The Swarovski crystals were red bicones (garnet crystal I think) and clear Crystals - 4mm bicones.

The red large beads are imitation pearls - 14mm (very good quality faux pearls). And the black center is a 14m round facet crystal beads in Jet AB.

large beaded crosses large beaded crosses

This cross was intended to be hung at a slant. However when it was completed, it's body proved too soft and flexible. When hanging at slant, the lower section of the cross bends downwards so much so that it no longer looks like a cross. A real bummer. Now I have to unpick it all over again :(

large beaded crosses

Below is a close up of the side beading.

large beaded crosses


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